This week in games: NZXT announces Fallout-themed PC cases and Blizzard says "multiple" Diablo projects are in the works

"Multiple" Diablo projects in the works. Blizzard's words, not mine. Diablo IV is an obvious bet, but what are the others?  Diablo III on Switch? A Hearthstone successor? Rocket League , but with demons? Warcraft IV , except all the Warcraft characters are now Diablo characters? At this point, I'd take it. That news, plus NZXT shows off new Fallout themed cases, Monster Hunter smashes Steam records, PUBG pledges three months of fixes, and Torchlight emerges from Runic's ashes. This is gaming news for August 6 to 10. Show up, show down
It’s only the second week of August and we’re already inundated with games, but if you’re hoarding your hard-earned cash for purchases later this fall, this weekend brings you free entertainment like always. This week it’s Hunt: Showdown , the battle royale-esque monster hunting game from Crytek and (as far as I remember) a bunch of the ex- Darksiders team. It’s very good, and if you haven’t given it a shot yet then this is a great opportunity—the free period runs through Monday. To read this article in full, please click here

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