Shane Dawson somehow gets you to feel bad for Jake Paul in part 6 of his docu-series

Breaking: Jake Paul is a real human being with feelings.
It took until episode five of his docu-series for Shane Dawson to finally show his subject. The latest installation hinted at a more innocent, softer side of Jake, but it barely scratched the surface. 
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In The Secrets of Jake Paul , the 21-year-old vlogger finally seems to relax. Part 6 shows a more gentle Jake who piles Team 10 into his massive SUV for a surprisingly wholesome quest for camping supplies.
"You guys wanna go to Walmart?" he asks the camera. "I've never taken a break so I don't know what to do."  Read more... More about Jake Paul , Shane Dawson , The Mind Of Jake Paul , Culture , and Web Culture

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