U.S. Senate confirms 15 more judges — many with Democratic support - National

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By Lisa Mascaro And Alan Fram The Associated Press The Senate has confirmed 15 more judges, all but wrapping up its pre-election session with a big finish days after Brett Kavanaugh ‘s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Clearing the judicial nominees provided a signature walk-off for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , who has focused on reshaping the judiciary with more conservative judges. Coverage of Brett Kavanaugh on Globalnews.ca: While many of the judges were approved with bipartisan support, almost half were confirmed on mostly party-line votes. Democratic opponents and their allies swiftly objected to some of the nominees, in large part over views aligned with stricter abortion access. READ MORE: Brett Kavanaugh to hear his 1st arguments as Supreme Court justice Republicans have seen a bump in polling since Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Control of Congress is at stake this fall as Republicans fight to keep their majority hold on the House and Senate. © 2018 The Canadian Press (function(d, s, id) {
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