Re:water. The Metaverse of Liquidity. Are you ready for the Global Crypto War? | -

Re:water. The Metaverse of Liquidity. Are you ready for the Global Crypto War? | -

Thousands of token names are out there being traded and therefore have their own audience of excited fans. That’s right – the fans. “Gamblers” who “bet” and “hope”. This market resembles something in between a stock market and professional sports.

The decentralized finance industry is a game. Even and especially if someone aggressively denies it.

At the beginning of everything new, the human community treats it as a game. We all play science, education, business, etc.

What we see in crypto is a giant multiplayer scattered “game” from which a serious industry is being born in front of our eyes to replace the old retrograde and unfair economy.

re:water is the ultimate accelerator of this “game”.

A Global Coliseum – crypto-arena that will unite disjointed cryptocurrencies on one platform and make it possible for an ideological fair competition within the global community in a decentralized economy!

The platform is a cross-chain infrastructure, allowing users to use *any existing tokens to fight for influence and gain crazy APYs.

re:water is an Economic System that has introduced all the basic tendencies inherent in human economics and psychology to “possess”, “expand/grow”, “defend”, “unite”, “conflict”.

The re:water metaverse.

Re:water introduces a virtual planet that invites *any crypto tokens to gain defi features as well as provides tools to organize crypto communities to compete and even conduct Politics.

Three main entities are forming the environment of re:water:

  • The Planet (NFT surface)

  • The Global Cloud

  • The Crypto Rain

! Own a territory on a world map a passively mine $WTR from Crypto rain

! Unite with your crypto community and ATTACK your rivals for a chance to TAKE over all their altcoins.

Re:water approach does not aim to appear conventional on the contrary it strongly aims to boost the evolution of the young crypto industry in its unifying infrastructure with the full range of consequences that follow the social responsibility mechanics. The whole concept of conflicts is a novel that brings crypto closer to how real life works. All of the above surely grant the prospect for re:water to be one of the top crypto projects of 2022 and make WTR one of the best-performing assets in the cryptocurrency space in 2022.

Find out more about the launch of re:water on the official pages on Twitter and Telegram. And see the re:water website to learn more about the profit-making mechanics in the crypto metaverse of re:water.