WISE token and WISB token are scamming investors and stealing their BNB - You should avoid this coin at all cost! (proof inside)

WISE token and WISB token are scamming investors and stealing their BNB - You should avoid this coin at all cost! (proof inside)

WISE token and WISB are scamming investors of their money and lining their pockets under the pretense of "development" of over 2 million dollars so far. When in fact they've been turning it into BUSD, USDC, and various other cryptocurrencies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJVkgGHt33c&t=343s here is where the scam starts, he states where the coins will go and how the investor earns their yield. Promising to stake the bnb sent to them in return for WISB tokens. So let's track it and see where these coins went.

Let's track down where the initial half of the liquidity went to:

  1. Adding liquidity transaction


10,659.53 BNB (half of liquidity was sent)

To 0x88ecfe0a6428a104a8bde2f31ae771ae4d37f6b4 wallet

Everything is fine here as it was advertised initially.

2) After this this the wallet sent tokens to 0x1d60202d34444950e7cbad48a37245928e6184f6

A couple of transaction proofs:



Check here:


As you can see here BNB were sent to BSC Hub (BNB staking)

404.002+ 100.002+ 373.032+ 300.002+ 537.002+ 3,800.002+ 1,191.992 = 6,706.034 BNB

After that, I lost track of where the remaining tokens went to because it was converted to BUSD, binance-peg USD, and mixed between wallets.

The question is where is the other 3,953.496 BNB? (37% of 10k BNB)

It was initially advertised in videos that all of the 10k will go to BNB staking and rewards will be airdropped to WISB stakers.

Some amount from rewards may go to developers' salaries (but has to be reported how much, where, for what, etc). Does a developer get paid 2 million per year? Lol.

From what I can see 37% or 3.9k BNB ($2M at current price valuation) was converted to BUSD and USDC. After that was sent to multiple wallets, check it here:

- https://bscscan.com/token/0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56?a=0x1d60202d34444950e7cbad48a37245928e6184f6

- https://bscscan.com/token/0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955?a=0x1d60202d34444950e7cbad48a37245928e6184f6

- plus some of BNB was converted to random tokens, added liquidity, and moved around inside (liquidity beneficiary) wallet: https://bscscan.com/address/0x88ecfe0a6428a104a8bde2f31ae771ae4d37f6b4

Hmm? Do they not realize we can see these transactions on a public ledger? This is literally the point of blockchain technology, are we that stupid?

As you can see in the videos Peter says that all BNB will go to staking.

Really 37% are gone to his "development" 2 million on development? Lol what are they developing for 2 million? Their wallets thats what.

And it is not clear if all rewards from staking are airdropped because he says $30k are airdropped weekly, however staking rewards can't be exactly $30k in value, excess of that must be cut to his wallets.

TL;DR the team is lining their pockets whilst leading on investors and essentially money-grabbing under the pretense of development.